Panel acceptances at 2019 MLA & AWP conferences

I'm thrilled to be on panels accepted to two conferences in 2019: the MLA convention in Chicago and the AWP conference in Portland. As a poet-scholar, I value these opportunities to share my critical research as well as my creative work, and looking forward to the conversations to be had at both events.  Here are further details on these panels, with links to professional pages of my fellow panelists:

Panel: "Transpacific Transactions"
2019 MLA Annual Convention, January 3-6, 2019

Keywords: Transpacific, Counterhegemonic culture, Translation, pantun/pantoum, Pacific Islands
Sponsoring Entity: LLC Asian American

1. The Transpacific Pantoum: Poems from the Diaspora by Shirley Geok-lin Lim and Barbara Jane Reyes, Michelle Brittan Rosado (U of Southern California) 
2. The Bad Translations of Eileen Chang, Tze-Yin Teo (U of Oregon) 
3. Seeing Multiethnic and Multispecies Epistemic Transactions: Transpacific Optics in Wu Ming-Yi’s The Man with the Compound Eyes, Yi-Ting Chang (Penn State U, University Park) 

Jeehyun Lim (U at Buffalo, State U of New York)


Panel: "Post-MFA vs. POC: Five Poets Speak about and Read from First Books"
2019 AWP Conference, March 27-30, 2019

Organized by yours truly, and joined by Ángel García, Douglas Manuel, Ife-Chudeni A. Oputa, and Steven Sanchez

In his essay “MFA vs. POC,” Junot Díaz sparked an important conversation about MFA programs, lack of representation in workshops, and meeting the needs of writers of color. In this panel, five poets extend this discourse to talk about writing after the MFA. They will discuss what resources helped them publish first books, including writing communities and conferences, PhD programs, and finding editors who value their work. Each panelist will also read from their recently published collection.