“In Search of Evanescence: A Conversation with Michelle Brittan Rosado” in which I discuss my book Why Can’t It Be Tenderness with Feroz Rather, published at the Southeast Review (February 2019)

“On Poetry of Place, the In-Between, and Tenderness” in which I write about the landscape of my youth and its influence on the poems in Why Can’t It Be Tenderness, published on the University of Wisconsin Press blog (November 2018)

“Writers’ Block Live! podcast: Mathieu Cailler, Michelle Brittan Rosado, and Steven Sanchez” (audio) in which I read poems followed by questions from host Mike Gravagno (May 2018)

”On the Books: Michelle Brittan Rosado” in which I discuss my chapbook Theory on Falling into a Reef with Jefferson Beavers at We Grow Writers, published on the blog for the Fresno State MFA Creative Writing Program (June 2016)